The Hardie Plank Siding Experts


If you’re considering re-siding your current home or are actively searching for a new home, you should know that Fiber Cement Siding is the industry leader in appearance, durability and value. Hardie products comes in a multitude of different designs, with Plank Siding being among the most popular.

T-1-11 is one option that’s frequently seen on the exteriors of residences these days, since many homeowners enjoy the natural wood look. If you’re searching for professionals who can give you unparalleled T-1-11 installation service, you can trust Varguez Exteriors.

What is Plank Siding?

Plank siding is an attractive exterior house covering consisting of long, flat planks that are laid horizontally across a wall. They are installed so the bottom edge of the upper plank slightly protrudes, or “laps”, over the top edge of the plank immediately below. This creates a shielding effect that forms a barrier against water penetration.

Who Can Install Hardie Plank Siding?

This is a high-end product that should be installed only by contractors trained in the handling and installation of this specialized siding. Plank house siding is a fiber cement product – not wood – so it will outlast any wood siding. It must be installed using only the proper fasteners and backing, in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.

Some contractors with minimal fiber cement experience are only passingly familiar with these guidelines. Others may have no knowledge of them. Why is this important? Improper installation can reduce the product’s performance and possibly affect your warranty.

The Professional Hardie Plank Contractor You Can Trust

We have the years of experience and expertise you need. We know the whole process, from removal of existing siding, to surface preparation, to installation of approved backing and Planks. We’ll help you select the product that best fits your needs and budget, and partner with you through the entire process, from beginning to end.

So, make the right choice and choose Varguez Exteriors and then let us take care of the rest. Your home will truly be the gem of the neighborhood for years to come.


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