Awning Window Installation

Installing an awning window requires different steps than what is required for installing a standard window. For instance, you need room to allow for it to be opened upward. When following through with awning window installations the right way, it can provide you both the aesthetics and level of fresh air cooling you need.

Your new awning window can more than likely be placed where you have another window right now. Varguez Exteriors’ Awning installers serving Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA can help you with this.

Window Removal and Inspection

The first step toward awning window installation is for us to remove the original window. Then, we will inspect the area where you want to insert the awning window. We will check its opening to make sure it’s level and that the corners are a perfect right angle.

Finally, we will add the sealant to ensure it is draft- and weatherproof. We will continue to work professionally and meticulously to ensure your awnings are a perfect fit and look great.

DIY Awning Window Installation

Many do-it-yourselfers that choose to install their own awning windows underestimate the level of expertise and attention to detail that is required. From taking exact measurements, to ordering the specific size, to installing and weather-proofing the awnings and adding sealant to the windows, this is a project that many homeowners regret taking on themselves.

Contact a Professional For Help

Would you rather leave your window awning installation to a professional? If so, contact Varguez Exteriors today.

We are experts at Awning installation, as well as other window installation services, door installation, framing & building, and siding installation in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.

We have over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry, and we will be happy to answer your questions or provide a free consultation to address your needs.


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